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On February 9th, we, Society for Biological Engineering Universitas Indonesia Student Chapter (SBE UISC), held our first staff gathering at K.102. That day marks our first day of stewardship for 2018. Attended by almost all the staffs, this event had clearly brought joy and merriment amid stress on our first week of college. As soon […]

First Staff Gathering SBE UISC 2017

  On 10th February 2017, the first Staff Gathering of SBE UISC in 2017 was held. The main purpose of the event was to introduce the new staffs of SBE UISC 2017 yet also being a symbolic transition to a new year of stewardship. The first session of the event begun with a speech from […]

Public Speaking and Presentation Training

Delivering a speech or a presentation that gives a powerful impact and statement can be challenging for some people. Today, giving a speech or presentation is a common way to share ideas or knowledge. But what if your delivery method is not interesting and eye-grabbing enough? Even if you have an outstanding idea, the audience […]