SBE Universitas Indonesia Student Chapter

The Society for Biological Engineering is an international scientific organization under the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Technological Community. SBE consists of engineers and scientists committed in developing the integration of biology and engineering.

SBE Universitas Indonesia Student Chapter is the second SBE Student Chapter established in Asia and the first in South East Asia. Since 2011, SBE UI SC has been enhancing the esoteric culture of biotechnological engineering in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia.

Our Vision

To grow SBE UISC as the promoter of student research society by developing member’s knowledge in biological engineering, professional skills, and member’s sense of belonging in SBE UISC

Our Mission

1. To induce other universities in Indonesia to build their own SBE student chapter
2. Growing member’s knowledge and interest in biological engineering through SBE UISC Research Group
3. Developing members’ research skills and knowledge about biological engineering industry
4. Increase members, staffs, and boards sense of belonging towards SBE UISC