First Staff Gathering SBE UISC 2017


On 10th February 2017, the first Staff Gathering of SBE UISC in 2017 was held. The main purpose of the event was to introduce the new staffs of SBE UISC 2017 yet also being a symbolic transition to a new year of stewardship. The first session of the event begun with a speech from Andy Khootama, the president of SBE UISC 2017. The speech was aimed to motivate every personnel especially staffs as the gear to develop and improve SBE UISC. There was also a brief introduction of the Boards of Directors to new staffs by Angelina, vice president of SBE UISC 2017.

The next session consisted of ice breaking activities. The session mainly focused in games to engage and stimulate interaction between staffs. Every activities brought us closer together from learning to know each other. Not only games, there were also music performances by our very own Deputy of Curriculum & Guest Lecture, Kaysa and one o f our Web & Media staff, Rais. The atmosphere was exciting yet content as if there weren’t any boundaries between each other.








Last but not least, the last session was trade-gift session. Each attendant brought a gift that would be g
iven to another random attendant but the owner him/herself. The gifts varied from pen, chocolate, a jar with a snack bar on it, even a toothpaste. But whatever the gift was, everyone had a smile on their faces. The event was concluded with photo sessions, whether it was as a whole SBE or per divisions. Even with the rain creating a melancholy vibe, it did not damper our excitement to strengthen our bonds.



“Develop and Improve”, with each passing year, SBE UISC is expected to be better than previous years of management in every aspect. We hope that this staff gathering will be a proper beginning to a challenging yet rewarding work in the upcoming year. Here’s to 2017, a year full of adventure!

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