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Delivering a speech or a presentation that gives a powerful impact and statement can be challenging for some people. Today, giving a speech or presentation is a common way to share ideas or knowledge. But what if your delivery method is not interesting and eye-grabbing enough? Even if you have an outstanding idea, the audience may not be interested if your delivery method is flat and dull.

Therefore, on behalf SBE UISC, we wanted to provide our members with fundamental presentation and speech techniques. And so, on Wednesday October 12th 2016 at 4 PM, Adinda Amalia from Industrial Engineering batch 2013 was invited to share her tips and tricks on how to deliver an impactful presentation. Adinda has achieved numerous achievements throughout her college years, and most of them involves delivering a presentation or pitching an idea/project.

On that afternoon, she shared her insights on what makes a presentation interesting, starting from your body language, your presentation media, your vocal intonation, and even on designing and crafting your presentation. According to Adinda, the first thing we must consider about delivering a presentation is knowing your audience. By knowing our audience, we can adjust and choose the appropriate vocabulary to make them understand and keep an interest in our speech. Another aspect that is important is providing the audience with a visual media. People are more likely to be attracted to seeing images, diagrams, and colors, rather than paragraphs of words, especially in small and discouraging fonts. Basically, Adinda advice us to master the words and not put them in bulky paragraphs. Next, body language and eye contact is also important, especially in showing your interaction with the audience. Your body language can also implicitly define your confidence and a bit of your personality.

After a presentation from Adinda, the members were then split up into groups and were given a study case. This study case was then turned into a practice material for the group’s presentation.

Finishing just before 6 PM, everyone who attended took pictures! This session with Adinda was insightful, especially for developing our presentation skills!




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