It was a good (and also rainy) Friday for SBE UISC. On the 29th of April, 15 delegates from SBE UISC 2016, which includes boards and staff visited HMPS Biologi of Surya University, Serpong for a campus visit. This program, which was arranged by Public Relation Division from both parties, became a great experience for both organizations to share ideas, discuss future possibilities of a collaboration, as well as to making new friends!

After a 2-hour drive to Serpong, we reached Surya University at about 4 PM and started the event. The first session included the welcoming introduction by Mr. Ega Adi Surya as the president of SBE UISC 2016 and Mr. Indra as the current Head of HMPS Biologi Surya University. Next, each organization delivered a presentation, explaining about the organization’s profile, programs, events, as well as the role they each play in their campus. SBE UISC’s presentation was delivered by Mr. Ega and the vice president, Miss Shadrina, while representing HMPS Biologi was Mr. Indra, and his vice president, Miss Debbie. Mr. Ega highlighted the benefits of becoming a student chapter of SBE as well as the goals to become a promoter for student research society. On the other hand, Mr. Indra shared HMPS’s outstanding events and numerous programs throughout his stewardship.


Following the first session, the next session was conducted into groups, where the both organizations had the chance to share stories, current activities and research, ideas, challenges and progress for each division. This session really enabled each division to think of new ways to create strategies and creative output for future works.


Before SBE UISC headed home, we shared a nice dinner with HMPS Biologi of Surya University. It was really great to see how both organizations can bond easily amongst each other.

This campus visit was definitely one of SBE UISC’s highlights so far. We would like to thank HMPS Biologi of Surya University for their kind hospitality and great insights! We hope that we can visit their campus soon and stay in touch!




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