On April 15th, SBE UISC 2016 held its second guest lecture about “Bioenergy Insight: Understanding Biogas”. It was a nice Friday afternoon where students came to K102 to learn more about one of SBE UISC’s topic, which is Bioenergy. By 4 P.M, the guests have arrived and registered themselves. The guests also got free snacks at the entrance. The speaker was none other than Mr. Efendi Manurung from Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource.
In his lecture, Mr. Efendi explained to the guests about the general idea of bioenergy and the potential of bio-based fuel, biogas and biomass. He pointed out that bioenergy has several benefits such as low emission, Indonesia’s agrarian culture, eco-friendly, is also sustainable, cheap, will open a lot of job opportunities, and reduce pollution. Clearly, to develop bioenergy sector further will bring Indonesia out of our current energy crisis without any significant side effects.


However, the focus for the guest lecture was about biogas. Biogas is a form of energy that is produced from the fermentation / decomposition of organic matter under anaerobic conditions (airtight) such as livestock manure, wastewater agriculture and plantations (see picture below). It is a renewable clean energy and environmental-friendly, while also colorless and odorless. Biogas has the opportunity for renewable energy source, organic fertilizer, and fish feed. In Indonesia, the biomass that has the potential for biogas are livestock manure, agricultural waste, water plants, agricultural industry waste, and domestic waste. Mr. Efendi also explained about the development of biogas utilization, whether it be in a small or even the larger scale.



Source: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Mr. Efendi also told us what college students could do to help with biogas development. College students could do research about the understanding, innovation and technology of biogas; educate people with the importance of biogas development and the impact of fossil-based energy; and learn how to be an entrepreneur in biogas field. At the end of the lecture, he concluded that biogas development is very important for energy necessity source as well as security of energy supply to overcome limited fossil-based energy reserve, its fluctuative price and greenhouse gas mitigation. The private sector, colleges, and regional government should work together towards synergy to push the biogas development throughout Indonesia.

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